EWS provides a precision welding and engineering service across the South East. Working with a large variety of materials, methods, tight tolerances, and time frames, our team of skilled engineers can produce your welding and engineering requirements to a precise, perfect standard every time and without compromise. Whether it is a one-off prototype to racking systems, or bulk production to large machine fabrications, we are here to help/ We also offer an onsite facility for longer term or larger projects.

For bulk and production work, we also offer a time and cost saving option to the customer. To put it simply, when the customer to supplies all materials for the job in question, this will leave only labour costs when the job has been completed. This option has provide to be invaluable for those who have either been let down by staff or simply have large quantities of work without enough hours in the day to achieve their deadlines.

From concept to completion

With our on-site facility, we offer full installation, start up support, assembly, and maintenance services on all projects and arrive on site fully insured and with a mass of experience in getting small and large processes up and running to tight time scales, factory shut downs, etc.

If you require any further assistance, our team will be only too happy to help.

For more information, call us on 0974183289 or email – essexwelding@talktalk.net